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Elbow launch “rocket fuel” beer in hometown Manchester

October 16, 2011

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Elbow launch beer

It’s an inevitable pun, perhaps; one that music journos across the UK have had on standby ever since Bury-based band Elbow announced the release of their own beer in early summer. Hot on the heels of their warmly received and Mercury Prize nominated album build a rocket boys!, the mellow Mancunian rockers have seemingly decided that their loyal fans would much rather stink of premium ale than a premium priced perfume line.

Guy Garvey and co launched their new beverage this week, with a little help from Robinson’s Brewery, at a makeshift ‘pop-up’ pub in their hometown. Judging by their smiling faces, it would seem that their new brew certainly serves it’s purpose. A “significant percentage” of proceeds from the beer will be donated to Oxfam Famine Appeal.

In other news, Elbow have already begun work on their sixth studio album, due for release next year.

Lippy Kids (Live at the BBC)

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